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Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons 10/21 & 10/22/23 is a Course

Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons 10/21 & 10/22/23


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Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons - Fabiana Alceste


Oct. 21st & 22nd - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET, In person  


Maximum 12 participants 


Have you ever wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), but never knew where to start? This collaborative and immersive tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) is experiencing a resurgence in popularity with television shows like Netflix's Stranger Things and other streamed shows like Dimension 20 and Critical Role. As fun and entertaining as DnD is, it can feel a bit exclusive or out-of-reach for new players, given the amount of lore and rules that surrounds the genre. In this 2-session mini-course, you will learn the basic premise and rules of DnD, create your own character, and play in a short campaign with other participants. Join Dr. Alceste and others in the community to see what this wonderful game is all about!