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Untangling the Web: Misinformation 2/6/24 is a Course

Untangling the Web: Misinformation 2/6/24


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Untangling the Web: Misinformation ā€“ Jennie Burke, Libraries

Feb. 6th - 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm ET, Zoom

Does it ever seem like finding solid, reliable information on the internet is a mess? Finding the best information doesn't have to be frustrating! Butler University Librarians will guide you through the process of identifying misinformation, navigating consumer health issues, and using basic and advanced search skills on Google, Google Scholar, and other publicly accessible databases. From the best restaurants to detailed scientific research, learn to untangle the knots using the strategies and skills of professional researchers.

Week 1 - Misinformation:

  • Concepts and the psychology of misinformation
  • How to spot misinformation
  • How to find reliable popular website sources
  • How to identify bias in news