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Leadership Series - Stephanie Hinshaw, Executive Director of Butler’s Transformation Lab  

Zoom – Sessions will be recorded

This is for all three of the following courses (save $15):

Leadership: What it is and Why it is Important – September 13, 2023 

Leaders play a critical role in the success of their organizations, teams, and their team members. However, oftentimes people are promoted to leadership roles with little understanding of what a leadership role truly means. In this session, we will explore what leadership is; and what it is not. Discuss why leadership is important and explore different leadership types. Practical application tips and current examples will be used to guide an interactive session. Session attendees will leave the session with tips on how to improve their leadership skills regardless of their current position. 

Leadership: The Good, the Bad, and the Toxic – October 25, 2023 

When we talk about leadership, we typically assume it to be positive. However, what happens when leaders are bad or even toxic? How can this affect an organization, a team, or the leader's team members? This session will explore positive leadership styles (i.e., servant leadership, authentic leadership) and contrast them with bad leadership and even toxic leadership. Session attendees will learn about toxic leadership through current case study examples and will engage in discussion around experiences. Session attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of all types of leadership—even the bad ones.  

Leadership: Your Authentic Leadership Journey – November 8, 2023 

Being a leader is an important role. Leaders are accountable for the culture and results of the teams they lead (or are on—as anyone can lead). To be effective in these areas, it is essential to lead in a way that is authentic to oneself. In this interactive session, attendees will explore who they are as a leader. Specifically, we will work on identifying leadership core values and creating a leadership philosophy. These key aspects can help individuals identify who they are as a leader and provide them with ways to communicate who they are as a leader to a variety of stakeholders.